Derya Görgün
Ecem Durmuşoğlu

Doctor of Veteriary Medicine

Doctor of Veteriary Medicine

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Founder and manager of Zoom Veterinary clinic. She was graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa. She completed her master's degree in Phytotherapy at Yeditepe University, Department of Pharmacognosy. She worked in the fields of small animal medicine, emergency medicine, laboratory, veterinary pathology, food safety and public health in private sector and official institutions.. She has been working in the fields of veterinary dermatology, veterinary phytotherapy and aromatherapy, animal nutrition, cytology and oncology at Zoom Veterinary Clinic since 2017.

Graduated from Bursa Uludağ University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2019. After working in shelters and various food and livestock sectors as a trainee physician until her graduation. She moved to Istanbul and started her career as a clinician. She worked as a clinician in various clinics in Kalamış, Göztepe and Feneryolu regions, which are the distinguished districts of Istanbul. She currently continues her working life at Zoom Veterinary Clinic in Erenköy. She performs patient examinations, mainly in internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.

She worked as a Veterinary Technician at the Zoo until his graduation. Basically, along with her duty as a lion keeper, she was responsible for feeding wild animals, monitoring their medicines, and especially taking care of the cubs. After her experience at the zoo, she started working as a Veterinary Health Technician at Zoom Veterinary Clinic. After graduation, she received the title of Technician and continues her working life at Zoom Veterinary Clinic.

Semanur Demirel

Veterinary Technician